Friday, March 12, 2010


This story began in one day, around the year 1993's,
When I was first grade in the Junior High School
If not mistaken, It happened around Idul Fitri day,
when my family usually celebrates at grandma's house
for having family gathering for celebrate it

Then my older cousin called Hervi (OLD GHETTO PUNK ROCK ADDICT),
He brought a cassette copy, and try listened it to me. He said "'s fuckin awesome"

In the first moment, when I saw on the cover image is only 4 bars irregular,
and i listened with carefully...and "gees man outstanding"

After that day It was resonated in my brain, was blaring so hard, and it was coming back just the word of "punk" and "rise above".
I have no idea in that moment, until when about a few months, I unpacked the late recording vinyl from my late father collections
I saw 2 pieces of vinyl, and inscribed with ; BLACK FLAG & MINOR THREAT.
Than when I listened on it ... and I said ..." wow, damn, it really awesome"
even when the recording quality is still very rave...but in that moment, was so hard hitting on me

Then ... when I met again on the other day with Hervi...

He mentioned that it was not just a punk
but HARDCORE PUNK ... and then I began to understand and try to find out more

I didn't know why I'm so interested within, even though my mom always angry and always shouting on me, she said, "Iman, Turn it quiet...what a cranky noisy, for god sake!!!!#@#@#@"

But I do not know for sure,It was so ingrained on me

Then, I started to find my identity, "Who am I? and Why hardcore punk?"
But I found many logic reason during that time, and made me stronger and stronger in every further day
and I tried to make a band, and I was trying different musical streams and listening to another music

But I do not know ... I have already made my choice until the rest of my life
Until this day it flowed naturally

Even, one of friends of mine, she asked:

"Man, Why Hardcore Punk can affected your life, until you were saying if there is no HARDCORE, perhaps I can not be a doctor like nowadays, and afford it more"

And I can not say speechless

But may be it expressed enthusiasm, the lyrics of resistance, brotherhood and be realistic in our life, are the answers

And it became one of greatest principles of my life

Black Flag and Minor Threat, both of those are 2 Hardcore Punk bands when I first heard and began to love it...and keep my spirit of Hardcore Punk remain...
Got P. M. A. and hand to hand with my OGB's & also with Family crew's

Until now ... Can not be forgotten,
Because It's impossible

And I continue to listen to AGNOSTIC FRONT, DYS, SLAP SHOT, MADBALL, TEEN IDLES, 7 SECONDS, INSTED, YOUTH OF TODAY, BOLD,etc until the newest era of hardcore punk

It always in my heart...

Also when I turned on my iPod, even though, I listen to other music such as
Morrisey, Oasis, Stone Roses, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz and etc, at the end before I switching off
My iPod it will end with BLACK FLAG "RISE ABOVE" hahahaha

This is all about my greatest life experience...And still running on until now...
I wish someday, I will give this legacy to my children and keep it blooming and grow

This testimonial is dedicated to all people in this world who believe that hardcore punk inspired your life

(Iman Firmansyah S. Hutasoit, Bsc, MD)

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