Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FINAL ATTACK, New Band Merchandises from ONE TRUTH

Yup, it's pretty nice and cool otherwise, one of band leading from Jakarta, INDONESIA, enhance the Jakarta Hardcore scene's...made from ONE TRUTH HARDWEAR
There are new merchandises t-shirt with classic hardcore design, and trucker cap...simple design and worthed...
and also... quality from the material itself was outstanding
I thought these are nice selections,

I just grabbed when I was in Jakarta a couple months ago from Indra Chino...and hell yeah...terrific...filled up my cabinet next to another local and overseas hardcore band merchandises

Well if you guys interest to afford one of it...
check the link below...good quality, nice design, and nice price...affordable...


Enjoy your stuff guys

And don't be forget ; Support you local hardcore band's...

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