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Well today I'm with Dodie Sadath, as known we called him Dodie, th
e founder of UNITED BLOOD WebZine... and one of my best friend who came from Jakarta, INDONESIA.

UNITED BLOOD WebZine is one of my favorite blogs,whereas that blog p
ackaged all about update news from JAKARTA HARDCORE SCENE, in INDONESIA.

When the first time I met with Dodie, he was very unique. He is Straight Edgers, at that time he was working with his brother who owned a store that contains hardcore, punk, metal band merchandises, start from t-shirts, CDs, vinyls, etc...which comes from local until overseas ... I am also one of his customer's. The store called Velvet, which is located in Kebayoran, Jakarta, in front of Taman Puring.

He has a lot of good efforts, especially to support his friend band's, contributed
for his own scene's, he always explore hardcore bands from abroad, moreover he explores the history of hardcore , etc

And totally having a great endeavor and high gratitude ... and when if there is any hardcore gigs, he always totally all out ...

Alright, now we start the interview with Dodie ;

Well Dodie, how are you doing?
yo im good, thanks for asked

Can you tell me about yourself, about your current daily activities, family, friends, and everything surrounding yourself ?
Well, I'm 24 years old, have a job, hobbies, love to hangout with my friends, and completely still call myself straight edge.

Oh terrific, can you tell me more about your UNITED BLOOD WebZine, what its all about?
UxB is an online fanzine if I can say it, it might be in blog form, but the contain, which are gig reports, reviews, interviews and more zine things.

What is your motivation to made WebZine UNITED BLOOD?
Its all started when I checked Double Cross webzine, DC had something that special for me, they shared many stories of hc/punk even it comes from the past, present, or future, at the same time, I was thinking about having local webzine and start to share everything that happened in Indonesia hc/punk scene.

UNITED BLOOD is a sentence which very familiar for me, Are you give that name for your WebZine because you one of biggest fans of AGNOSTIC FRONT ?, I think that's one of the song title from AGNOSTIC FRONT right?
Yes indeed, its taken from AF song, everyone love AF, who don’t ? but honestly, I'm not really into them, and my friend, Jan, who gave that name.

The first time I read your WebZine, I was very impressed, and very easy to fo
llow and update the Jakarta Hardcore Scene, is there something special that you wanna say in these WebZine and what do you expected after you written whole those reviews ?
Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I just wanna say thank you for everyone who gave their shit for UxB, the contributors, the bands, the photographers, without them it could be nothing. And I just hope there will be more contributor for this zine, more reviews, more old stories from the old guy, and its gonna be awesome.

What about your band's, can you tell about the band now ?
I'm in a band called Rain Coat, who playin oldschool hc or kinda type, and also play bass in xBraveHeartx, modern sxe hc band.

Since when you've been heard hardcore music ? And can you explain the history of your life's journey in the Hardcore music ?

I grew up in suburban area when no one discovered hc/punk music, its started when my brother gave me Not Available Cd, I was more into melodic punk at that time, I only heard glance bands like Minor Threat, Youth Of Today or Gorilla Biscuits. And then my brother gave me Straight Answer’s cassette when I was in junior high school, I think that’s my first attention to hc/punk music but I'm not into the movement until I'm in college.

Can you mention some of your favorite hardcore bands, both domestic and foreign? And put some words that might be represented your fave's ?
Local bands in no particular order, I love Final Attack, Straight Answer, Lost Sight, This Heart, Sense of Pride and more..also I love Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, The First Step, Champion and Get The Most.

Then, some times you'd listened to another music beside hardcore music, So
which bands are into your favorite selections ?
Except R n B, I love and listen to every kind of music, but I listen a lot of The Smiths and Morrissey’s songs.

What do you think about the hardcore scene in Jakarta, Indonesia, Can you tell me more about it ?
Its good to be here.

Are you one of the person who care all about education and the future life ? Can you explain furthermore ?
Let’s say, the future is unwritten. No one will know what gonna happen on their life's in the next future, and its our duty to set it up, many way to get best things in life, and education have a big part of it. Unfortunately I failed on my education, I didn’t finish my college for several reason. But now I'm working on my job, trying to do my best for my future, and thanks to God for it.

To be honest, I am very proud of the work of some movement that you've done, Do you want to give a special message that you want to convey in this interview, both of Jakarta hardcore Scene or any other things ?
Keep it in good works

Well thank you very much for your time Dodie, and thanks for your con
tribution in ONE LIFE STAND WebZine, And I hope in the future we can collaborate better premises. Keep with your good work at Dodie, I'm really proud of you bro ...

Thanks a lot

If you guys wanna take a look UNITED BLOOD WEBZINE, click the link below

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